White trash by any other name


For fun — or at least I thought of it as fun — I posted on Facebook Tuesday that exit polls in several of the primaries say the typical American voter who supports Donald Trump is, mostly, a white, male, racist, unemployed, poor and does not have a college degree.

Does this mean, I asked, “The Donald, a misogynist billionaire and college graduate, is the preferred choice for poor white trash?’  Using Facebook protocol, I added a 🙂 to the post to show it was for fun.

Not so funny for some of Trump’s supporters who unleashed a fury of rabid rhetoric, calling me “insensitive,” a “fool,” a “bastard” and worse.

You would have thought I used the “N” word to folks of color or other slurs against Mexicans or Jews or Muslims.  The post was tagged and shared, which brought more suggested I talk a long work off a short plank up on The Buffalo.

Looks like the mob of Trumpets are mad as hell and don’t have sense of humor.  It is also hypocritical that supporters of the egomaniac with his name on skyscrapers and a private Boeing 757 and who calls for an end to being “politically correct” come unhinged when someone suggest something, even in jest, that they do not see as PC.

Dictionaries define “white trash” as a “derogatory American English racial slur referring to poor white people, especially in the rural South of the United States.”

I often see examples of white trash not as poor.  Some make good livings while flouting actions that are considered trashy.  I’ve heard variations on the theme — “trailer trash” is a good example.

I was born in Florida and spent my early years living in Gibsonton, just south of Tampa.  Gibtown, as it was called, was the winter home for carnies, who spent their time there fixing up their carnival attractions.  Most of us who lived there were considered “trailer trash” or “white trash.”

Did it bother us?  No.  We laughed about it.

Spent my teenage years in Floyd County.  We were what might be called poor.  We were white.  Were we trashy?  Depends on the point of view of others. My mother was a classy lady.  She dressed to the nines when she went out.

Interestingly, some of those who jumped up with self-righteous anger at the term “white trash,” even used in a joke, have — themselves — used racial slurs in comments about current President Barack Obama or about citizens of the United States who are Muslim and they weren’t joking.

This kind of blatant hypocrisy runs rampant through out American political system where debates are all too-often one sided affairs.  Anti-government types turn demand creation of laws banning actions of others if they don’t like or agree with their lifestyles.  Happens all the time.

Is a joke about trailer trash offensive?  To some it appears so.  Others could care less.

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