Mother Nature is a bitch


What a difference a day makes.

The thermometer on our back porch read 19 degrees at this time Sunday morning.  This morning it shows 46.

That’s a 27-degree swing in 24 hours.

Is it Spring yet?

According to the calendar, Spring began officially last month.  We’ve had days in the 60s and 70s.

We’ve also had days — and nights — of sub-freezing temperatures.

Mother Nature is a conniving bitch who likes to remind us that she can, and often will, put a freeze or two on to keep is shivering and muttering words and phrases that we cannot repeat in pleasant company.

Wait a minute, we hear you cry:  “Did you just call Mother Nature a ‘bitch?’ Isn’t that cussing?”

Damn right.

While “bitch” was never part of the seven words that the late comedian George Carlin listed in a famous routine, it was not a word one heard on television or in polite company not that long ago.

That word, and many others, leaps out at us on public airways around the clock.  Shock radio jocks use language that used to send our mothers in search of strong soap to use to wash our mouths out.

Howard Stern became a multi-millionaire by, other things, describing the act of physical love in graphic terms.

Carlin once said that the word “ass” could not be used on TV unless one was describing riding one into town on a religious day.  Now public figures tell those who disagree with them to “kiss my ass.”

I heard “ass” three times in a recent episode of “Law & Order, SVU” recently.  It is no longer one of those words bleeped in newscasts or other places on the airwaves.

In this year’s Presidential election primary campaign, Republican candidate Donald Trump, the clown prince of absurdity in politics, calls Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and any other woman who crosses his path “bitches” all the time.

He has also made the infamous “F-word” a frequent insult in rallies.  He references a woman’s anatomy in gross terms and walks about bodily functions with disturbing regularity.

The crudity of politics is not limited to Trump.  Former Presidential candidate Marco Rubio suggested Trump’s “small hands” were an indicator of a small sexual organ of the billionaire.

Several of Carlin’s list of “seven words” are still taboo on what is considered “public airwaves” but they are now common fare on cable and satellite TV.

On social media, I have been called a “son of a bitch” and worse.  Some posters can’t engage in a discussion about politics or social culture without unloading a string of invective-laden tirades.

No big deal.  I’ve been called worse.  Former Illinois Governor, when he was still in office, called me a “bastard” in a press conference after I wrote a story about him lying to voters.

Listen to the infamous “Oval Office Tapes” of President Richard Nixon and you will her him cussing like a sailor.

President George W. Bush, a self-proclaimed “Born Again Christian” told a reporter at a public gathering to “go F— yourself.”  Former First Lady Bess Truman often had to keep President Harry Truman from lacing his public comments with four-letter words.

Society, in general, is a coarse, angry mob.

I probably contribute to that deterioration when I call a mythical figure like Mother Nature a “bitch.”

Perhaps I should apologize.


I’m sorry.

Damn sorry.  🙂

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