Morning Java


Each morning is faced with a first cup of coffee.

The aroma of a fresh cup of java from our Bunn coffee maker is a fresh start of any day. On a normal 24-hour period, I will drink somewhere between one and two pots of coffee.

The coffee of choice is not a gourmet or fancy blend. That first cup each day comes from a fresh canister of Folgers Classic Roast. It is the most popular coffee for basick morning connoisseurs.

Writes on Folgers coffee drinker on the company’s web site:

I have been drinking classic Folgers ever since I asked my grandmother for a taste when I was a little girl. I have to say Three girls and one son later Folgers is hanging strong and keeping me going. With they’re ages ranging from 28,27,26,and 21, and not to mention I have three granddaughters and a grandson. I just turned fifty and I just like to thank the Folgers family for being there for me and my family through the good and bad times.

When on the road, my preferred coffee is a cup of black Dunkin’ Donuts. Want to send a coffee “barista” at a Starbucks into apoplexy? Ask him or her for a cup of coffee that is “as close as you can get to a cup of plain, black Dunkin’ Donuts.”

To my taste buds, Starbucks is bitter, acidic crap. Coffee, I guess, is a matter of taste but I also object to pay three or four dollars or more for a cup of morning brew.

The coffees offered in Floyd by Red Rooster is far better than anything offered by Starbucks or most of the other fancy coffee chains.  It’s good and I drink it when in Floyd, but I grew up on basic black coffee like Folgers and that’s what stays warm and ready in the pot at home.

When our dependable Bunn bit the dust earlier this year, we considered — briefly — on of those fancy Keurig “single cup” coffee makers. I tried some of the mixtures but they weren’t even close, in my opinion, to a fresh pot of good, old-fashioned brew like Folgers Classic Roast.

Good morning.

Have a cup of coffee.

Time to start the day,

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