021905halfmoon.jpgOur friend Jim Fletcher over at Austin Country Limits apparently decided Fred First and I were having too much fun in our full moon wars so he has fired the first shot with an excellent “Man in the Moon” exposure (taken no doubt with some long glass, probably a 400mm with a tele-extender).

Well Fletch, if you want war then war it is. Even a half-moon provides good fodder for photography, especially with the help of some tree lines.

Jim notes he that when it comes to moon wars, he never noticed the man in the moon was toting a tommy gun. Tommy gun my ass. This is the new age. He’s carrying an RPG.

These late night shots are when the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II comes into its own. With 16.7 megapixels and incredible high-iso detail (with little noise), one can capture the full light of a half-moonlit morning.

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