Murder on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Shooting victim Tim Davis
Shooting victim Tim Davis

Timothy Davis, a 27-year-old Charlottesville disc jockey known as DJ Prolapse, and an 18-year-old friend, Christina Floyd, drove up to Rock Point overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway last Monday to watch the sunset.

Davis and Floyd sat at the edge of the overlook when a car pulled into the overlook. The driver stuck a shotgun out the window and fired. The force of the blast sent Davis off the edge and down a 150-foot cliff.

Floyd, hit by some of the shotgun pellets, rushed the attacker and fought him off as he stepped from the car to finish the job. He pushed her off the cliff and fled. Floyd managed to climb back up the embankment and flag down a passing car.

Rescuers had to repel down the cliff to rescue Davis . Both were rushed to University of Virginia Medical Center with Davis listed in grave condition. He died Friday afternoon after hospital officials removed him from life support.

Floyd’s injuries were serious but not life threatening.

Ralph Leon Jackson

Acting on a tip, police surrounded the home of Ralph Leon Jackson, 56, of Stuarts Draft. Jackson surrendered after the fight and police found a shotgun and ammunition that matched the rounds used in the attack.

Augusta Sheriff Randall D. Fisher says he is sure they have the right man. What they don’t have yet is a reason for the shooting. Jackson demanded an attorney and isn’t talking. He faces a first degree murder charge for Davis’ death, attempted murder for the attack on Floyd and charges of using a firearm to commit a felony.

Was the attack aimed at Davis, host of the “Boombox” hip-hop show on radio station WNRN or was it just another random act of violence that is becoming all too normal nowadays?

Jackson, who works at an auto body shop in Staunton, is described as a “easy going man” by co-workers yet he snapped at the judge at a bond hearing, saying “thank you very little” after the judge denied bail.

His boss said Jackson is fighting late-stage  prostate cancer. He previous run-ins with the law have been traffic offenses.

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