The sun dips behind those gathered at a Floyd County High School athletic event.
The sun dips behind those gathered at a Floyd County High School athletic event.

Old man sun made a welcome and day-long appearance Tuesday, something he should repeat Wednesday before thunderstorms move back into the area on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday looks like partly cloudy with 0 percent of rain probability but with the thermometer forecast to hit 82, the chance of a late afternoon or early evening thunderstorm is a possibility, says the National Weather Service in Blacksburg.

With only a 10 percent chance of rain Wednesday, those with time can attack their mowing hards, work on long-neglected driveways and other items around their home stands.

For some, included, Wednesday may be a day to ride the roads on motorcycles.

Memorial Day, with an 80 percent chance of wet stuff, looks like a washout for picnics and the like but can, perhaps, give folks more incentive to pause and remember those who have died in the service of our country.

Then we head into another week of thunderstorms.

Those who make their living claiming to know how to forecast weather tell us that rain for the month of May is just shy of six inches and will top that mark this week and heading into the end of May.

Average precipitation for May is 4.09 inches.  We have topped that and will go well beyond before the last day of a wet May ends at midnight next Tuesday.

With storms, tornadoes and flooding hitting much of the country, it appears Mother Nature’s mood matched that of the populace of America:  Angry and unpredictable.

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