022205morning.jpgOn most mornings, I can count of finding a number of usable images during my pre-dawn walk near our home.

Not this morning. Didn’t find much and came back with only a few images, none of which made the grade. But, walking past the bedroom window after showering, the light of the morning sun through the trees of our back yard caught my eye.

Rush downstairs, grab the camera, run back upstairs (well, walk actually) and compose though a window before the sun moves and the moment is lost.

Go the computer, insert compact flash card into slot, examine images, pick one, resize in Photoshop, and post to blog. Mission accomplished. The day is saved.

Morning in the mountains. I’m amazed at how green everything still is this late in winter. Perhaps the up and down temperatures have kept the plants guessing.

This is why we moved back to the mountains. It doesn’t get much better than this.