A convicted felon named Vick returns to Virginia Tech

Convicted felon Michael Vick: A real class act

Former Virginia Tech quarterback — and convicted felon — Michael Vick returns to Virginia Tech this weekend and will sell his autograph for $25 to $30 a pop.

His return is generating a lot of buzz — a lot of it unfavorable — around Blacksburg. A Facebook page was shut down after a barrage of strongly-worded protests and the in-box at Tech is overflowing with angry emails.

“It makes us sick,” Nancy Luz, director of Kids and Kritters Animal Rescue, said in one email. “He makes us sick.”

Tech annually invites football team alumni to to the final Spring football scrimmage at Lane Stadium.

This year the university invited 16 former players, including Vick.

Never one to miss an opportunity to cash in, Vick will also sit at a table at the Tech bookstore and sign autographs for those willing to shell out up to thirty bucks for the signature of an ex-con who did 21 months in prison for running an illegal — and cruel — dogfighting ring.

“We believe Hokie Nation will respond in a favorable way,” George Daniels, manager of the bookstore, told The Roanoke Times.

If the “Hokie Nation” has any decency the response should be anything but favorable.

UPDATE: Dan Casey of The Roanoke Times asks: “Who the heck of going to plunk down $25-$30 for that dumbass’s John Hancock?’

Even one would be too many Dan.

UPDATE #2: The manager of the Tech bookstore now claims “part” of the proceeds from Vick’s autograph sales “may” go to a local charity, possibly the Montgomery County Humane Society, but his speculation has not been confirmed.

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8 thoughts on “A convicted felon named Vick returns to Virginia Tech”

  1. I will respond in a favorable way, by not going. He paid his ‘debt to society’ by serving his sentence, and perhaps he has learned and become a better person for it. But, he is still a conviocted felon, and I have no real desire to patronize or support things he is involved in. I wasn’t a fan of his before all this mess, I was rather glad to see him leave for the NFL early. He may have helped VT get more notoriety after the title game, but I don’t see how his coming brings anything positive to the community now.

  2. Here’s an idea, how about separating professional sports from colleges? Maybe if colleges were concerned less about recruiting “good football players”, and concerned more with recruiting good students, there wouldn’t be so many embarrassing situations like this. Seriously though, college should be about academic performance only, no free rides to someone just because they can throw a football.

  3. I don’t understand all the fuss. First of all – he killed dogs, not people.

    Second of all – he paid his dues.

    Michael Vick is a convicted felon. Sure. We all know that, we all know what he has done.

    We can’t forget what Michael Vick has done though, for Virginia Tech. He put their football program on the map. Like it or not, he is considered the “greatest” dual threat quarterback of all time. For Virginia Tech to shut it’s doors to one of the most influential people it has ever housed, would be not only foolish, but arrogant as well.

    We also can’t forget, what Michael Vick has done in his life, the mistakes he has made to get to this point. He ran a dog fighting ring. Something I don’t take lightly, I don’t think anyone does. It was cruel, and it was wrong. But what kind of society, what kind of people would Virginia Tech be, if they didn’t offer Michael another chance? What would that be saying to our youth? To all the young Hokies.? Hey, if you mess up once, sorry but we’re gonna dump you. Should we just throw away the chance of forgiveness, throw away the chance of redemption? Vick has paid his dues. He was in prison for two years. He was bankrupt. He worked a 40 hour a week job. Now Michael, because of his incredible god given talents is playing football again. We have to learn how to forgive, and I think this is an underlying message Tech is trying to promote. Look Michael, we know you messed up, but we’re giving you another chance. A chance that in alot of ways could help Vick rebuild his image into a mature, changed man, who has a more humble outlook on life. Tech is essentially telling Vick, look, here’s your chance, go prove it.

    It would be different if Michael raped someone, killed someone, etc etc. But he is not a danger to society. He is simply a man who messed up and has paid his dues. I think the institution that made him, should at least be the ones to offer out a hand saying ” we still support you Michael”.

    • That’s a lot of premature good will. I agree that he has paid the dues, through a questionable justice system. He also paid a high price outside that system. However, many would argue that those excess riches he lost were just another part of the national value system of stupidity rules.

      I’m a believer in most of what you stated but you and Vick lost me if he’s charging anything for an autograph. Those buyers most likely think he did nothing wrong. I also don’t know if the bookstore mentioned has anything to do with the university proper. As far as I know, even the one on campus is a private business under contract, for their own profit with some kickback.

      Mike Vick is an alumnus that has no qualities to promote academic excellence, or anything else for that matter. Time will tell. Marcus deepened the well.

      I hope he is enlightened and sincere, I believe these latest facts say something different.

      Way too early to support and embrace his dubious reform.

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