Time to hit the open roads: Let’s ride


Assuming forecasts from the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg might be anything close to accurate — and that is always a big assumption — we could be in for a dry and mostly sunny week.

A local pollen alert posted Monday, a sure sign of dryness, after the thunderstorms that struck the area moved on, and the threat of tropical storm Colin in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be on an Eastward course swept over Florida and headed out to sea.

Edges of the storm may affect the coast of Georgia and perhaps South Carolina but the sun and dry weather remains in the forecast for this week for Virginia and parts nearby.

Of course, this could change — as it so often does — and the weather is just one part of a constantly changing, as vacillating, life.

Let’s hope not.  A lot of yard work due around Chateau Thompson and lots of roads that my Harleys need to explore over the next few days.

Time to consider, like open roads and motorcycles.  Frequent wet weather and strange weather conditions have hindered serious two-wheel time and with the longest daylight time of the year approaching with the start of summer on the calendar, we can — and should — shift our focus to more leisurely pursuits of the season.

Hillary Clinton secured enough delegates Monday to assure her nomination as the Democratic president of the United States while presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is melting down as his racism, bias, bigotry, hate and lurid lifestyle is finally even causing his once-rabid fans to question why they bought into his con.

Someone a hell of a lot smarter than me long ago observed that “life goes on” and even a mistake of nature like Donald Trump shall disappear from our memories.

The road awaits:  Let’s ride.


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