Moon Shine Wars, Part Tres


022405moon2.jpgCan’t help it. Can stay up all night photographing the moon. Love shooting that lifeless orb and a cloudy night offers even more opportunities. Clouds started moving in late Wednesday as the talking heads on the tube yapped about snow and freezing rain. So a few more last minute opportunities to get this month’s full moon as Moon Shine Wars, Part Tres comes to an end.

To get the detail on the photo above, I exposed for the clouds and then isolated the moon in Photoshop and enhanced the detail. The shot at right was also expoosed for the clouds with no enhancement of either clouds or moon. Both photos were shot in raw mode on a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II with a 300mm F/2.8 USM IS lens. Exposure was 22 seconds for each with white balance set to tungsten to enhance the blue in the sky.

Jim Fletcher over at Austin Country Limits and Andy at One Reporter’s Opinion joined the Moon Shine Wars this month and offered great images. Fred First at Fragments From Floyd showed up late. Some lame excuse about the dog eating a dead squirrel and barfing on the rug.

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