Taxing questions for taxing times

While counties and cities throughout Southwestern Virginia raise taxes on both real estate and personal property, Floyd County Supervisors appear determined to hold the line.

Which creates problem for the cash-strapped county but could be a relief for equally cash-strapped county residents who have trouble making ends meet.

But this may be the last year that county government can hold the line on taxes. With a budget of more than $34 million, supervisors have spend the last three weeks going through the many expense and revenue areas, trimming $50 here, several thousand there and shifting money between accounts to try and balance a tight budget.

County administrator Dan Campbell says this is probably the last year the county can hold the line on tax increases.

“With state funding down, the county must pick up more and more of the cost of government,” Campbell says. “I expect that trend to continue.”

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4 thoughts on “Taxing questions for taxing times”

  1. In my opinion the answer is to focus on finding other sources of revenue. Its hard to run a county on just personal property and private real estate. I say give the Supervisors a hand, I didn’t expect them to be able to hold the line on taxes this year.

  2. My taxes went up 17% – I’m not sure what Dan Campbell is referring to when he says this will be “the last year the county can hold the line on tax increases.” I’m not complaining, mind you, but I do think a little straight talking is in order. I understand that the County needs more revenue (does a government exist that doesn’t??), but to issue statements about “holding the line” when there already has been a tax increase is disingenuous.

    • Assessments on specific parcels may change based on improvements (including driveways, utilities, buildings etc) or changes in market value. The value of a parcel is also based on some intangibles; this includes factors none of us have control over, including the “view shed,” neighbor’s land especially if it’s sold recently and I imagine many other factors. I still wouldn’t take the assessed value as a sale value, would you?
      Campbell’s comment reflects the rate which is $0.47/$100 assessed value, for both land and improvements, a rate reduction from $0.60/$100.
      Our own taxes went up ~5%, a pretty good deal when considering I’ve had 3 kids through or in school, use the library, trash hauling (dumpsters), might one day want the fire & rescue or sheriff, have access to public records and administration or other services. Considering the realities in our County there’s certainly going to have to be an increase or reapportionment of staff if only to manage the responsibilities incurred by virtue of the General Assembly and population growth. My cell phone costs more than my property tax burden, and I’ve had more to complain about therein..

  3. $0.47 is really a good deal considering that the county really has no business to draw part of its cash flow from. Franklin County is at $0.46, Patrick County $0.55, Montgomery County was at $0.71 and I have heard that is going up $0.03 this year, Carroll County $0.595 and Roanoke County is $1.09.

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