022405snow.jpgFor a moment or two it looked like we might get some real snow. Finally, I thought, a chance to use that big, fancy snow thrower that sits in the garage, ready for its chance at greatness.

No such luck. It snowed. Then it quit. Barely enough to cover the ground. Enough to close schools in Floyd County for the day but not enough to do much else. Here we are heading for the end of February and the county has yet to see a real society-threatening winter storm.

Maybe March will give us a real snow job. Something we can sink our snow throwers into, something that will justify the cost of that fancy, fully-automated generator that sits behind the house, something that proves Mother Nature is in charge here and we, as wimpy humans, are powerless to resist.

Or maybe not. Maybe Mother Nature is throwing us a curve, a final rasberry, a thumbing of her nose.

The ultimate snow job.

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