Think it’s hot now? Just wait…


Looks like another hot, humid day here in the mountains of Southwestern Virginia.

While changing water filters Sunday morning, noticed lots of condensation on the pipes from the increased humidity that has saturated the area with oppressive heat.

The temperature in the 60s this morning will be in the mid 80s by noon and flirting with the 90s by late afternoon before dropping down again this evening with isolated thunderstorms starting around 3 a.m. Tuesday and rain during the day.

Then another sunny day on Wednesday and the thermometer is expected to pass 90 degrees on Friday and into the weekend.


Welcome to the dog days of summer.

The dog days?

Yep, these are the “sultry part of the summer” that used to be reserved for August but now begins around July 3 and runs into at least the mid part of the eighth month of the year.

The term “dog days” refers to Sirius, “the dog star” that rises with the sun.  It is considered “a period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence.”

In other words, a perfect time of this year to have both the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominating conventions, another period of “lethargy, inactivity, or indolence.”

This is a time when electrical demands run high as air conditioners attempt to cool homes and businesses.  High demand can cause “brownouts” as utilities like Appalachian Power cut back power in heavy use areas to reduce failures.

The dog days also put extra threats on those who work outdoors.  Health authorities remind us to drink lots of water and take breaks while toiling in the heat and humidity.

How hot is it?  Too hot.

Some who claim that “global warming” doesn’t exist should think back about 50 years ago, when most cars and homes in Floyd County were not air conditioned.  We didn’t need it, even in August.

How much hotter can it become?  Don’t even try to guess.

Back in the 1960s, I remember an evangelist venturing through Floyd County and hosting a revival at Buffalo Mountain Presbyterian Church in a hotter than normal August.

The church was not air conditioned, windows were up, ties were loose and hand held fans flapped as the preacher spoke.

He opened his sermon with this.

“It you think it’s hot now…just wait!”




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