Donald Trump: A wilting presence in Roanoke

Donald Trump wilts in Roanoke. (WDBJ)
Donald Trump wilts in Roanoke. (WDBJ)
Donald Trump wilts in Roanoke. (WDBJ)

Those crazy enough to venture out in the heat of Roanoke Monday heard the man who claims he is the only one qualified to lead America bitch and moan about how hot he was, literally, under the lights of the ballroom at Hotel Roanoke.

“This hotel should be ashamed,” bombastic Donald Trump told those of his craven cult.  Trump said he might not pay the bill for his campaign’s use of the ballroom, which is normal for the man who claims to be a billionaire.  The candidate for President currently has more than 3,500 lawsuits pending against him in New York for unpaid bills.

“I feel like I’m in a sauna.  I don’t know what hotel this is,” Trump whined. “You let people suffer and don’t turn on the air conditioning.  This is ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous” is a good way to describe just about anything that involves Donald Trump.  The air was turned on, full blast, at the hotel.

“It was ridiculous, but not in the way Trump intended,” wrote Roanoke Times columnist Dan Casey.  “The ridiculous part was him standing there wailing about it.”

Trump, the real estate mogul turned reality show host, is known for his outrageous actions.  His antics included a shameful, grotesque insult of a reporter with physical disabilities, mocking a female newscaster for having a menstrual cycle and “bleeding from you know where” and telling a crowd to “go f–k yourselves.”

Trump also went on a ridiculous rant about Sen. Tim Kaine, the Virginian who is now Hillary Clinton’s running mate.  He called Kaine “weak” and “ineffective” when he served as governor and said the probably future vice president is a “political hack.”

Most Virginians don’t agree.  They elected Kaine governor and then Senator, beating a real political hack — racist George Allen — for the job.

In his appearance in Roanoke, Trump did what he does best — lie — a lot.

He claimed that a thousand of his supporters were stranded outside of the hotel in “104 degree heat.”  Roanoke firefighters on the scene said the crowd was about 50 and the temperature was still well under 100 at the time.  Many of those on the street were protestors against Trump and they were bitching about him, not the heat.

Writes Casey:

Trump’s comments were chintzy, low-rent, third-rate and wholly unbecoming for a major party presidential nominee. But they are pure Trump, full of narcissistic bullying, worrying about his own comfort, picking on an entity that can’t pick back.

This is the best candidate one of our political parties can offer to lead America?

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2 thoughts on “Donald Trump: A wilting presence in Roanoke”

  1. Not saying Mr. Trump is the best thing for our country but in my opinion he is hands down better than having Hillary Clinton in the White House. I’m all for a write-in campaign to elect the “Ghost of Ronald Reagan!”

  2. As evidenced in Roanoke, Trump behaves like a spoiled child. His emotional immaturity and constant whining should be enough to disqualify him from serious consideration.

    In short…you’d about have to believe in ghosts to believe that Hillary would be less effective in ANY elected office than Trump.

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