Violence on college campuses a disturbing trend

Virginia Tech recently set up a special web site to help students deal with violence on campus.

Tech’s “Threat Assessment  Team” is understandable for the campus where the greatest mass murder in U.S. history is still seared into local, state and national memories but the Blacksburg campus is not the only school where violence is becoming an all-too-common problem.

Police arrested a University of Virginia lacrosse player Monday and charged him with the murder of an ex-girlfriend who plays on the women’s lacross team at the school. An relationship that ended badly was also cited in the case where a Chinese student beheaded his ex-lover in front of horrified diners in Tech’s food court.

Violence, of course, is not limited to college campuses. A Floyd County jury sent Jeffrey Martin Young to prison earlier this year for his unprovoked and senseless attack on a local woman in the parking lot of Slaughters Supermarket in 2008.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Department has a “school entry team” composed of officers trained in SWAT-style tactics.

But the fact that a school even needs a “Threat Assessment Team” is a sad sign of the times.

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  1. A minor correction to your description of the VT incident in which the young, Chinese woman was beheaded… Everything I have read about that incident indicated they were not, nor had they been, in a romantic or dating relationship. The murderer stated during his trial that he committed the crime because she “had rejected him.” All reports in the media stated that he was supposed to be (perhaps even assigned to be) helping her adjust to a new experience — a university in the U.S. It does not appear that they had any other type of relationship.

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