A late night dealing with news


Overslept this morning — something I seldom do — because I was up until the wee hours editing latest news and opinions on my political news web site — Capitol Hill Blue.

As founder and publisher of the longest-running political news operation on the World Wide Web, I spend an inordinate amount of time reviewing stories from various sources, writing a three-times-a-week column and dealing with emails and phone calls from readers, sources and writers.

It all started on October 1, 1994, when my then Internet service provider, gave each customer five megabytes of free server space to use for web sites.

I had a personal web site and another for one of my media free-lance operations after my 12-year venture into the dark side of politics as a campaign operative and vice president of political programs for The National Association of Realtors, which at the time had the largest political action committee in the country.

After walking away from the Realtor association job, I served for a while as senior communications associate for The Eddie Mahe Company, a business trouble-shooting consulting firm.  That gig sent me all over the globe, working for a list of companies that included a gold mining outfit with operations in the Arctic Circle of Canada, Mexico, South America and the Philippines.

But I longed to return to reporting.  I started free-lancing and the offer of free web space gave me a chance to start writing about politics.  On October 1, I created Capitol Hill Blue.  It celebrates its 22nd anniversary on October 1 of this year.

Not coincidentally, I received my 22-year-chip from Alcoholics Anonymous on June 6 of this year.  Turns out 1994 was a major year, the one where I got back into journalism and away from booze.

This election year could easily drive some folks back to the bottle.  We have two candidates with the highest unpopularity ratings in any recent Presidential campaigns.  Right now, bombastic billionaire Donald Trump is more unpopular than former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his campaign appears on an unstoppable side into political obscurity.

With slightly more than 80 days until the general election, however, campaign fortunes can change dramatically.  Trump appears to be on a slide that probably won’t end but time will tell.

My column on Blue this morning focuses on Trump’s latest campaign staff reshuffling — one that has picked Breitbart News boss and right-wing fabricator Stephen Bannon to be the campaign’s CEO.

Trump picked Bannon because the former Goldman Sachs banker and movie producer is as much of a racist, misogynist and liar as him.

Breitbart News produces daily flights of fancy from a hardcore, ultra right wing point of view with little regard for truth or any attempts at professional journalism.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson says it better than I ever could:

Bannon gives readers the impression that the nation is in grave and imminent peril, that Muslims are conspiring to impose sharia law throughout the land, that Mexican immigrants are running rampant in a wild crime spree, that only Trump can save us — and that polls showing him far behind Clinton are somehow skewed, incompetent or irrelevant.

None of this is true, not a word. It’s all a paranoid fantasy, designed to exploit anxieties about demographic and economic change. And Trump has decided that his best chance of winning is to peddle this garbage, some of which he may actually believe.


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