Floyd Rustic: a local furniture business fueled by family

Floyd Rustic and the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce Cuts the Ribbon at The Barn, 177 Gracie Lane NW, Floyd, VA.
Floyd Rustic and the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce Cuts the Ribbon at The Barn, 177 Gracie Lane NW, Floyd, VA.
Floyd Rustic and the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce Cut the Ribbon at The Barn, 177 Gracie Lane NW, Floyd, VA.

Floyd is well-known for a lot of things that make it the uniquely artistic and family-friendly mountain town that so many flock to– to build a home, to become a part of a tight-knit community, to experience the blue grass tunes, or to simply take a respite from the busy-ness of stereotypical American culture. Whether you’re a Floyd native, a Floyd transplant, or a Floyd tourist, you can’t miss the variety of local, family-owned and operated businesses that share their skills, gifts, and products with our local community. The plethora of creative craftsmen and family businesses is part of the very fabric of Floyd’s charm.

This month, Floyd Rustic, a family-owned and operated, handcrafted furniture business cut the ribbon at their new location: The Barn at 177 Gracie Lane NW. Floyd Rustic kicked off the celebration of their new home with a Friday night open house: a potluck-style meal, an open showroom, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce, the music of the homegrown band, known as the Small Town Renegades, a kid-friendly movie in the barn, and BuzzKill Karaoke under the stars. Within an hour of opening their rustic showroom (on the second floor of the barn), 3/4 of the furniture was spoken for and SOLD! The fun continued into the weekend with the heavily attended Barn Bash on Saturday; activities included a mountain man competition, horseshoe tournament,  and a variety of musical performances by local artists including C2 & The Brothers Reed, Big Mama Joy, and the Morgan Wade Band.

Floyd Rustic owners, Derek and Leah DeLuzio, moved to Floyd in 2014 for the authentic small-town feel, the sense of community, and the celebration of local art and music. Their dream of creating affordable, handcrafted, rustic-style furniture began when Leah and Derek started looking for a dining table that their growing family could gather around. Disheartened by the lack of affordability of high quality furniture, Derek handcrafted a farmhouse table for their home. Friends and family began gathering around their homemade table, and the DeLuzios began envisioning a family business creating affordable, handcrafted furniture for other families to gather around and pass down to future generations. Floyd Rustic’s first workshop space was the simple front porch of their rental home in the town of Floyd. Even through the Appalachian winter months, Derek created rustic-style furniture in his outdoor space because the basement was simply too small. Local community member, David Larsen, observed Derek’s passion and skill for fashioning family furniture and connected Derek with a new workshop location, a shared space with Plenty (a grass roots organization that grows and shares food with hungry Floyd neighbors.) Floyd Rustic’s shared space with Plenty quickly developed into a collaborative effort to feed Floyd’s hungry through “Floyd Feast,” during the popular music and art festival known as Floyd Fest.

Today, the DeLuzios live and work at The Barn, the site of their workshop, their showroom, their office, and their family’s home. Derek and Leah live in an apartment on the second floor of The Barn, with their two children, Isa and D.T. The showroom and an additional apartment are also located on the second floor. The first floor of the barn opens into a large workshop and an office space. An elaborate backdrop, featuring a unique rendition of Buffalo Mountain, is in progress in the workshop space thanks to talented, local painter, Lisa Lotek. The Floyd Rustic family employs four woodworkers: Travis, David, Austin, and Elijah. Recently, Asa Pickford, the local blacksmith behind Twisted Llama Studios, has begun collaborating with Floyd Rustic, creating unique accents and hardware for furniture pieces.

Over the last two years, Floyd Rustic has handcrafted a range of custom furniture pieces for customers, including farmhouse tables, headboards, kitchen islands, and coffee tables, and now, they offer a range of  rental furniture for rustic-style weddings, including arbors, seating, crates, benches, stages, cupcake stands, and of course, sweetheart tables. Additionally, Floyd Rustic creates custom furniture, decor, shelving, and storage for businesses. Floyd Rustic is committed to maintaining the affordability of custom family furniture that will stand the test of time and remain within families for generations. Customers get more “bang for their buck” when purchasing furniture created at Floyd Rustic; comparable furniture sold elsewhere typically costs 2-3 times more. It’s true that Floyd Rustic customers know the value of the handcrafted furniture they purchase: 70% of their customers are word-of-mouth and repeat customers.

If you stop by for a visit at The Barn, you’ll immediately recognize the fuel behind the fire at Floyd Rustic, and it’s family.  The school bus stops right in front of The Barn on Gracie Lane when the local schools release for the day, and the DeLuzio children are typically playing nearby.  You just might bump into a few bicycles parked downstairs, and you’ll certainly hear the sound of playful children. You’ll probably meet one of  the friendly woodworkers, and if it’s supper time, you’re sure to witness various members of the Floyd Rustic Family gathering for a barbecue.

If you’re looking for custom, handcrafted furniture, made in Floyd, for your family, your wedding, or even your business, be sure to check out Floyd Rustic!

For more information: go to www.FloydRustic.com, or LIKE Floyd Rustic on Facebook.

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