Sounds of thunder planned for next year

Harleys at the Star.
Harleys at the Star.
Harleys at the Star.

The sounds of Harley-Davidsons rang around the Roanoke Valley Star on the top of Mill Mountain Thursday morning as we parked our bikes in front of the landmark to participate in a press event to announce a new regional rally for motorcycle enthusiasts  from Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky in June of next year in Roanoke.

Floyd County has several members of the Roanoke Valley Harley Owners Group and rides through our area will be part of the lineup of activities for the “Merger in the Mountains” event that Virginia tourist officials believe will bring millions into the valley over several days in June.

The regional rally replaces the annual state-based events for Harley Owners and Roanoke was chosen to host the first are regional event in 2017.

Floyd County hosts more miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway than any other county in Virginia and our winding roads include good rides for Harley enthusiasts.  Virginia plans to promote the “Crooked Road,” which features The Friday Night Jamboree as one of the offers of the area.

Get ready to fire up the bikes for a rumble in the Blue Ridge next year.

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