022605sunlight2.jpgLight breaks through the trees during my morning walk along Harvestwood Road near Sandy Flats. Temperate weather this winter has left the area greener than usual and some plants are already trying to bloom.

The ground, softened by this week’s snow and rain, cushions my steps as I follow a different route from earlier walks. The morning beckons. The day approaches.

The morning light is both soothing and inviting as it filters through the forests on our property and surrounding land. One cannot visit nature at this level without looking forward to the coming hours.

I’ll enjoy nature while I can on this Saturday morning. It’s the weekend and an ever-growing HoneyDo list sits back at the house, demanding attention. Soon we will be off to the centers of commerce, practicing the all-American pasttime of conspicious consumption.

But these special places will be here when I return. Thank God.