Sun or Rain? That depends


For a while, the Labor Day weekend looked like a dry and cooler than recently time to celebrate the end of summer but a randy lass named Hermine may change that.

Hermine is the tropical storm destined to turn into a big hurricane over Florida and then steam up the East Coast, soaking the coastline and dropping large quantities of water as far as inland as the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Forecast models suggest we might get at least an inch from the edge of Hermine, probably starting late Friday and into Saturday, which more possible even into Sunday and Monday.

So much for good weather.  Bad news for the annual Hillsville Gun Show & Flea Market, the return of the Floyd Radio Show and other events for the three-day weekend.

At this writing (Thursday morning) the forecast from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg puts the chance of rain at 10 percent for Friday and Saturday and 0 percent Sunday but that is expected to change if Hermine remains on track.

A cold front approaching from the west could run head on into the storm and might drive it more to the East but that is also subject to change.

Rain is part of the Thursday afternoon forecast with a 60 percent chance but the high temperature is expected to stay lower than usual at 74 degrees, dropping to 71 on Friday, 72 n Sunday and 76 on Labor Day.

Have a safe — and possibly dry — holiday weekend but keep your umbrellas and raincoats nearby.

We will keep checking and update you if things change.



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