‘Dog Days’ are back with us


The “dog days” of hot, steamy August returned here in the second week of September in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Why do they call the hottest, most humid days of summer dog days?

The answer goes back to ancient Rome and also to the Greeks, who noted that the worst hot days usually came the star Sirius, the “dog star,” shone the brightest and appeared to rise just before the sun in late July.

Sirius was the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog).

So much for the history lesson.  It is hot around here and will be so until a little cooler weather sets in late in the weekend.

The temperature on Wednesday is expected to hit 80 shortly after noon and run up to around 82 in Floyd County and areas around the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In valleys like Roanoke, expect the mercury to rise over 90.

Thursday will be hotter in our neighborhoods — around 86.  Same for Friday and Saturday with a drop of about 10 degrees to 78 on Sunday and Monday with lows below 60, providing some relief.

Rain?  No much chance until a 40 percent probability on Tuesday of next week and another higher percentage on the following Friday.

Don’t worry.  You will be wet from the sweat.

Find ways to stay cool — if you can.

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