A few changes in Friday night street music

Changes on music in the streets on Locust Street in Floyd  on a Friday night with great weather.

Nuthin’ Common, the popular group that usually plays in the sidewalk alcove next to The Station on South Locust Street, moved down to the amphitheater in the park, where they were granted access to electrical outlets and fans had plenty of room to listen and dance.

The move took care of complaints from law enforcement about the crowd of fans of the band spilling into Locust Street with the heavy Friday night vehicular traffic.  As for those who are upset about use of an electric bass by the band, time will tell.  Fans of the group appeared to be having a good time.

As they performed on the stage in Lineberry Park, dancers packed the dance floor of The Floyd Country Store as the Crooked Road Ramblers played for both the 7:30 and 9 p.m. sets.

Two good opportunities to film action on a Friday night in Floyd.

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  1. As one who plays both electric and acoustic instruments, I think it is a good move. Electric instruments are obviously louder and bleed into the next group of musicians which in turn limits the number of people willing to play. Acoustic music is what makes Friday nights special and allowing groups to plug in diminishes that. Galax does not allow amplification at the Fiddler’s Convention and I think Floyd should consider doing the same on the streets on Friday nights.

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