The Floyd County Livestock Show and Fair on Saturday.

The Floyd County Livestock Show and Fair on Saturday.

Blogger Fred First hoped to lead a group on nature hikes at the Floyd County Fair Saturday.

Oops.  Make it one on the nature hike.  In a post on Facebook, Fred said there was just one at the nature hike to learn about the flora and fauna in and around Chantilly Farm.

Wrote Fred:

Nature walk at Chantilly / County Fair: grand total of 1.

This says something I think about where our hearts are. The increasing indifference to the natural world over the years concerns me not a little.

Not sure it was indifference Fred.  Over-saturation on things to do and places to go may be more on point.

Saturday in and around Floyd was one of those days with a lot of things to do.  The weekly listing from the county’s tourism bureau listed eight things happening in our small community during the day — several at the same time as the Fair:  Farmers Market, Yard Sale at Citizen’s Telephone, Americana Afternoon at the Floyd Country Store and other activities that provided options and possible conflicts.

Such conflicts are not unusual.  Floyd has become a “happening place” (to borrow an old cliche).  As someone who tries to make a living covering such events for The Floyd Press, I run into schedule conflicts all the time.

Friday night, for example, saw conflicts between photographing The Friday Night Jamboree and the street music, the FCHS football game at James River in Buchanan or the Bull Riding show that kicked off the Fair.

Couldn’t be everywhere, so bull riding got the nod.

Same for Saturday.  I spent the afternoon shooting photos at the Fair but had to leave to cover the Ignite Floyd Concert in Lineberry Park and missed the Haggard Show that ended the Fair.

I had hoped to get back to the fair to catch some of the Haggard concert but I aggravated the Achilles tendon in my left leg and was walking on it gingerly by the end of the day.

Will be at football homecoming this coming Friday, one of several items on another upcoming busy weekend.

So many things to do, so little time to get them all in.