Sound off on county budget and taxes Wednesday night

Have an opinion on the new county budget and tax rates? You can give the Floyd County Board of Supervisors a piece of your mind Wednesday at 7 p.m. at a public hearing at the County Administration Building on Oxford Street.

County Administrator Dan Campbell will outline the budget for the next fiscal year (which begins on July 1) and the proposed tax rate of 47 cents per one hundred dollars of assessed property valuation (down from 60 cents to adjust for assessment increases).

The new tax rate and assessments have already been applied for the taxes for the first half of 2010 — due on June 5 and some county residents saw their taxes go up even with the lowered rate while others saw a drop in taxes.

The budget hearing is the final step before the board formally approves the new budget and sets the tax rate.

Public hearings, as a general rule, don’t draw much of a crowd in Floyd County, unless the topic is a proposed leash law on dogs.

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2 thoughts on “Sound off on county budget and taxes Wednesday night”

  1. It might just be answered in your information;

    I don’t live in Floyd county but it seems like a sweet deal compared to Montgomery as far as tax rate on real estate with some accomadation for fabricated inflated assessments.

    Can we call it overhanging bullshit? The reality of toxic assets is the upside down nature of assessed value versus liquidity. The policy is to tax as is and wait out, or hope for the situation to correct itself. Maybe you’ve noticed there is no reason to expect that to happen anytime soon.

    Back to your question. The tax rate has already been applied before the hearing. That’s pretty much how everything happens, other opinions be damned. Vote for hope seems just as useless.

    I need a motorcycle.

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