Fast, low and loud


We hear them before we see them, if we even see them at all — the low flying military aircraft that use the Blue Ridge Mountains for aerial training and practice for combat in places like Afghanistan and other far away places.

This shot of a jet zooming over Floyd County just north of the town late one  morning was only one of three shots I was able to capture and it was shot not with a long telephoto but with a 24-70 zoom lens set at 70mm.

It came in fast, low and loud — probably part of a textbook bombing maneuver or a strafing run.


2 thoughts on “Fast, low and loud”

  1. Isn’t there a minimum “required” elevation they are limited to? If you got this with a 70mm lens, I’d guess it was maybe 300 feet overhead?

  2. No kidding Fred! I’m not sure exact;y when the Air Force declared war on our mountain home, only that they have. I grew up next to Scott Air Force Base, so I know hot-dogging when I hear it. Lets just say we have some excellent pilots, who like to howl.

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