Great sunny weather…for now

A sunny day in Floyd County.
Clouds, some sun in this photo shot a few years ago on Harvestwood Road in Floyd County.
A sunny morning in this photo shot a few years near U.S. 221 in Floyd County.

Roanoke hopes for a possible record high temperature today as forecasts from the National Weather Service in Blacksburg put the mercury at somewhere around 86 degrees Wednesday afternoon.

In Floyd County, the high could reach 80 degrees around 3 p.m.  The forecast calls for 79 but what’s one degree one way or another. On our back porch this morning, the thermometer sat on 60 degrees, a big change from the lows that have dropped into the 30s in recent mornings.

For those of us who prefer two wheels for transportation the summer-like days provide an opportunity to take the long way to and from places and enjoy that is becoming a mixed bag of fall color in the trees.

Traffic up on the Blue Ridge Parkway as visitors and locals seek the fall colors.

If the weather forecasts provide accurate predictions — and that is always a big “if” — we can see another day of pleasant temperatures Thursday before a one day spattering of rain on Friday with an expected 80 percent chance of precept as the temperatures began to fall with a cooler, but mostly dry and sunny weekend.

Highs will fall to 59 on Friday, 50 on Saturday and then back up slightly to 63 on Sunday.  Expect lows down to 40 on Thursday and Friday and then a slight increase to 47 on Sunday.

Next week shows sun and more moderate temperatures with highs in the 60s and lows down near 40 and possibly into the high 30s on next Wednesday.

Clouds should move in by Thursday of next week with a slight chance of some rain by the weekend of October 29 and 30 but temperatures will be more like fall but not that could at November descends upon us.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun and warm weather while it lasts.  Winter will arrive soon enough.

Squirrel Spur Road and the incredible view
Squirrel Spur Road on my Harley and the incredible view.
Autumn leaves on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Autumn leaves on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Fall color. Some here and there.
Fall color. Some here and there.

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