Senior moment time. Posted a photo Wednesday of a sunrise over the New River. Nice photo with ice, snow, etc., to illustrate a cold morning. Then prepared a bunch of other photos, including a sunrise shot from the Rockies from three winters ago to send to a new client who wanted examples of my work. Always use the date in the filename to show when it was sent. Like an idiot, gave the Rockies photo the same date and file name as the New River photo and then uploaded it to the image directory on my server instead of the FTP directory and headed out the door.

Doh! The Rockies photo overwrote the New River photo and what was once a nice photo in Floyd County turned into a shot of the sun rising over the Rockies. Thanks to Fred First from Fragments from Floyd for pointing out we don’t have conifers and the jagged peaks of the Rockies in Floyd County.

And I’m supposed to be an expert at this technology stuff.

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