Let it snow…we’re ready

Will it look like this in Floyd this winter. Let’s hope now. (Photo from the snowfall of 2010).

It definitely is fall.  The temperature showed 38 degrees on the back porch at 0500 Tuesday.

Is it going to be a rough winter?  The Farmers Almanac and our local wooly worms say it should  be one with both cold and snow.

However, two steps we took at our house could prevent snow this year.  Our reliable and weather-beaten Kubota 5200 was last used before my great cow encounter of 2012 but draining out the old diesel fluid, bleeding the injector lines and changing the oil was all we needed to have it fire up and pronounce it ready for the upcoming Winter.

The snow blade is ready and waiting.

Plus, our Poulan snowblower, waiting patiently in the back of the garage, snowblower has new oil, new spark plugs and a fresh gas.  Let it snow.

Which, of course, means neither will be needed.  Past experience shows that when we are prepared, the storms do not come.

Let’s hope preparation means we won’t need any mechanical help for the upcoming Winter months.

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