Where does the time go?


In a rare moment of lost time, Blue Ridge Muse was not updated on Wednesday, October 26.

I ran out of time to get the job done.

A long day Tuesday included a busier than normal court day that extended past lunch and a becoming normal board of supervisors meeting Tuesday night that included a long, closed-door executive session.

Woke up Wednesday morning with stories to write, photos to process and items to send off to The Floyd Press, along with several stories to edit and process for our political news web site.

Then a visit with local Girl Scouts to talk with them about photography.  They are pursuing a merit bad for digital photography.

Somewhere, packed away in a box of old childhood memories, I have a sash of merit badges from my time as a Boy Scout in Farmville, Virginia.  A photography merit badge is proudly displayed on that sash.  My interest and love of photography began at 10 years old, became an obsession in high school and career.

Now, 58 years after I sold my first photo for publication, I face a decision on how long I can,,or should, continue what I love to do in a life that has included some accomplishments, much travel, boxes and boxes of negatives and slides, more than 70 terabytes of photos and video on mutliple hard dries, and too few hours in a day.

I’ve been a workaholic most of my life.  In 1981, I left a reporting job in Illinois with more than a year of unused vacation time.  When you love what you do in life, vacations seem superfluous.  Never saw much use for time to slow down, reflect or relax.

I had to turn down a video project earlier this week because of conflicts during that busy Tuesday.  I had originally committed to the shoot before the day was filled with projects from previous commitments.  Once again, I ran out of time.

Those conflicts occur more often nowadays, something I did not expect when Amy and I left Washington, DC, in 2004 for what we hoped would be peace and quiet here in the mountains.

Can rest a little today before shooting the final home game and Senior Night for FCHS volleyball at the high school tonight.  Then some video work on Friday and Saturday and much needed projects around the house on Saturday.

So much to do, so little time to do it.

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