What the hell happened?


Blue Ridge Muse operates a web hosting company that provides space for several bloggers, photographer and artists around the area.

Equipment upgrades required us to move several of the sites Friday night.

Most of the moves went smoothly.  Two, however, did not not because of a stupid mistake of mine.  When configuring the Domain Name Server (DNS) setting for Fragments from Floyd and Loose Leaf Notes I incorrectly entered the Internet Protocol (IP) settings for Floyd County Store, which we also host and which was moved to a newer and faster server earlier in the week.

So, for a while, both Fred First’s Fragments and Colleen Redman’s Loose Leaf blogs appeared as The Floyd Country Store when visitors clicked on the URLs of the two popular blogs.

If did not happen to the 15 other sites moved Friday night.  A tech at the data center took care of the DNS listings for them.  She didn’t make the mistake of entering an IP for the wrong server.  I did and both Fred and Colleen’s blogs were not available for a while.

It was my mistake and I have apologized to them.  My stupidity.  I should have left the job to the experts.

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