030305snowdrifts2.jpgHigh winds that gusted to over 50 mph redistributed Monday’s snowfall, creating drifts that measured up to eight feet at the top of Bent Mountain and generating hills and patterns in fields along Harvestwood Road (above).

The winds also kept wind chills in single digits through most of the day Wednesday and made sure the snow will be with us for a while.

Yet the snow that snarls traffic, blocks roads, closes schools and causes societal havoc also creates new opportunities for photographic exploration. Although the Blue Ridge Parkway remains closed along most stretches but locals know how to reach the Parkway from county roads and offered this fence (left) near Mabry Mill.

In many cases, I plowed fresh tracks along untraveled stretches of the Parkway. The sensations was a little like skiing fresh powder. While some wait wistfully for the first hints of Spring, some of us just enjoy the winter.

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