Decision time


An old cliche says every vote matters.

Another one says each and every election is the most important decision you make.

Both true and, perhaps, even more so today when Americans go to the polls to select the next President of the United States.

Important stakes in this year’s contest.  Will Americans affirm the racism, bigotry, anger and hate promoted by Donald Trump?

Or will they vote for what some call “more of the same” offered by Hillary Clinton?

Overall, many of us who oppose racism and hate have an easy choice.  For others who, somehow, have found ways to rationalize the coarseness of Trump, they feel their choice is easy.

But is it?  Is the hatred of Clinton driven by reason or just partisanship.  Do Republicans vote for anyone simply because they run under the banner of the party of the elephant?

The same might be said of those who vote Democratic but, as a nonpartisan, I have to wonder.  Will Hispanics, African Americans, Muslims, gays and others who are not simply white protestants vote primarily for Clinton because they believe in what she promotes or will they out of fear of Trump?

Is America still a racist nation?  Does racism promoted by a candidate matter to them?  Do they buy into the debunked claim that homosexuality is a sin?  Even fundamentalist ministers don’t agree of that assertion.

This is an election with so many questions and so few answers.  Whichever flawed candidate wins will become President under a cloud and too many questions will remain after victory is declared.

As voters, we must do our part by making our decisions in the polling booth today.

Counting the ballots tonight may end the election but the questions that remain will take things America currently lacks: Unity, compromise and tolerance.

Vote today and then let’s try working together on the real issues that remain.


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