Floyd County sides with winner Trump

Floyd County Republicans watch election returns at the Jesse Peterman Library in Floyd.
Floyd County Republicans watch election returns at the Jesse Peterman Library in Floyd.

Floyd County gave the majority of its vote for President to the winning candidate this year.

Trump won all five of the county’s five precincts, giving winner Donald Trump 2,625 votes to 1,867 for Hillary Clinton.

Republicans who gathered at the Jesse Peterman Memorial Library in Floyd cheered as the numbers came in for Floyd but were not happy when Virginia went for Clinton in a tighter than expected race.

Democrats watching election returns at Tuggles Gap welcomed the news that Virginia’s 13 electoral votes went to Clinton but that was about the only joy they had Tuesday night as Florida, North Carolina and other “battleground” states went to Trump.

The irony of the Electoral College system that determines the outcome of Presidential elections in America means Floyd County’s embrace of Trump didn’t mean a thing in the final outcome of the election.  Only the 13 electoral votes from Virginia count.  While the county’s votes will be in the final national count, which was not complete by 6:30 a.m., the actual number of voters don’t matter, which is why five candidates for President have won the individual vote counts in Presidential elections while losing the Electoral College totals.

Final actual vote totals are not in and Trump and Clinton are neck and neck with Clinton, at last count with a 30,000-vote lead.  It doesn’t matter.  The Electoral College has spoken.

Floyd Countians also sided with Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith, giving him 4,733 votes with Democratic challenger Derek Kitts only collected 1,879.

Griffith’s total was slightly more than 2,000 votes more than Trump received in the county while Clinton’s 1,867 was close to the 1,879 for Kitts, meaning a lot more people voted for other candidates, primarily in write-ins for Bernie Sanders, who lost to Clinton in the Democratic primaries.

Floyd Countians soundly defeated changes to Virginia’s current right-to-work law and overwhelming approved tax easements for first responders.

Trump’s win of the Presidency sent markets plummeting and world leaders expressing shock and concern while it was cheered by mostly white voters without college educations.

Trump stroked voter anger, resentment over loss of jobs to cheaper overseas locations and racism and religious bigotry.  He becomes the first President in modern history to win without releasing his tax returns.

He promises to scrap Obamacare, tighten border security, restore torture in terror-related investigations and outlaw abortions.

His wife, Melania Trump, becomes a First Lady with nude photos from her modeling days appearing all over the Internet,  along with questions about the validity of her citizenship after documents show she was paid as a model without a valid work visa and who lied about having college degrees she never earned.  She also plagiarized a speech of current First Lady Michelle Obama.

Trump, who routinely calls opponents “liars” was caught in many falsehoods during the campaign, apparently lied about his claims of charitable contributions and has been accused of sexual abuse by more than a dozen women after a videotape showed him bragging lewdly about things he did to women because “I’m a star.”

Clinton has her own problems, topped by her use of a private email server for her electronic correspondence as Secretary of State, questions about connections between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department and lingering doubts about the attack that led to the death of an ambassador and others in Libya.

By Election Day, Cinton’s negatives and Trump’s ability to raise the anger level of those who felt change was overdue led to a historic upset and many questions that America will face for at least the next four years.

It will be a wild ride.

Democrats watch and worry about election trends at a gathering at Tuggles Gap.
Democrats watch and worry about election trends at a gathering at Tuggles Gap.



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