Floyd becomes a happening place

Last year's Town Jubilee
Last year's Town Jubilee

The biker from Mt. Airy looked at the traffic on Locust Street on Saturday along with the foot traffic on the sidewalk and remarked: “Good God man, this place is busier than Mt. Airy.”

A good-sized crowd flocked to the Farmers Market, customers milled through the Country Store and others ventured into the Station on South Locust, the Republic of Floyd Emporium and other businesses on the street.

Four years ago, I joked to a friend from Washington that a traffic jam in Floyd was “three cars backed up at the town’s only stop light.”

That was then. This is now. Now it can take two or three cycles of the light to get through Floyd’s intersection of U.S. 221 and Rte. 8 during busy hours, especially on Friday nights and Saturdays.

Traffic is still light on weekdays but weekends in Floyd have become busy times and a look at the event and entertainment schedule shows a busy time for the next three months.

The second annual Town Jubilee kicks off this weekend, musicians play Thursday night concerts at Hotel Floyd, Sway Katz  performs at the Pine on Saturday.

A warm evening this past Friday night brought throngs downtown for the Jamboree, the Artisans Market and other activities.

Both Roanoke TV stations ran features about the “rebirth” of Floyd. Ralph Berrier of The Roanoke Times penned a long feature for Sunday’s paper, although he said the Floyd Country store was previously owned by two doctors from North Carolina (they were lawyers) and claimed tourists drive a Prius (the locals drive most of the Toyota hybrids. Tourists drive Mercedes and BMWs).

If you call a lawyer a doctor, do both sides feel insulted?

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