030705sun2.jpgThe setting sun signals the end of a warm, almost Springlike day, one that sent melting snow into the drains, ditches and creeks.

A 600mm lens boosted by a 1.4x tele-extender brings El Sol in even closer. The telephoto also compresses the clouds and haze and deepens the color of the evening sun. Earlier, from a wider point of view, clouds bring a hint of the warmer weather and thunderstorms forecast for Monday — more rain to a ground already soaked by last week’s heavy snowfall.

Such days signal an attempt by Spring to stake its claim on the approaching season, a claim that will most likely be rebuffed a few more times before the warm weather takes hold and the cold and snow of winter become just a memory.

March is only one week old and, like any newborn, will most likely thrash about and create chaos. Maybe age will bring temperance but it could also bring treachery.

Only time will tell and time is always on Mother Nature’s side.