030805rain2.jpgOnly took one look at the sky Monday afternoon to see trouble on the way. Rain coming. Lots of rain. More moisture for a ground that is already soaked. Add high wind warnings in effect for most of Tuesday and we have, as the Grateful Dead once said: “Trouble ahead, trouble behind.”

Won’t take much for creeks and rivers already swollen from the warm weather and melting snow of the weekend to overflow and add flooding to the problems brought on by rain.

We’ve got a driveway that needs grading and gravel but won’t get either as long as everything stays wet. A grader from Shooting Creek Quarry still sits at the top of that driveway. Been there long enough to declare residency. If it’s still there come Spring, it may be part of a yard sale.

Yes, baby, the rain must fall but please, baby, enough is enough.