Our President is a dangerous coward

Donald Trump as the cowardly lion (T.J. Hawk, Flickr, Creative Common License)

The usual dose of hate flowing in over the electronic transom on this Sunday morning.

“You are obviously a traitor,” said an anonymous email that arrived in the wee morning hours.  “This is our America.  Get the hell out before we throw your ass out.”

As usual, such tirades and threats are usually anonymous.  Anonymity is the lair of cowards.

In a way, it seems like America 50 years ago, when the mantra of some was “America, love it or leave it” and another despot named Richard Nixon was rising from the political ashes to become a President that was the last thing the country needed.

Temporarily, at least, two federal judge stopped the madness of a new President attempting to wall off America from the rest of the world and send refugees back to the terror they are fleeing by attempting to come to what was once the safe haven of our country.

There is a coward in the White House and something must be done.

“Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban is Cowardly and Dangerous” is the headline topping the editorial page of The New York Times.

In part, it says:

The first casualties of this bigoted, cowardly, self-defeating policy were detained early Saturday at American airports just hours after the executive order, ludicrously titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” went into effect.

The order lacks any logic. It invokes the attacks of Sept. 11 as a rationale, while exempting the countries of origin of all the hijackers who carried out that plot and also, perhaps not coincidentally, several countries where the Trump family does business. The document does not explicitly mention any religion, yet it sets a blatantly unconstitutional standard by excluding Muslims while giving government officials the discretion to admit people of other faiths.

The order’s language makes clear that the xenophobia and Islamophobia that permeated Mr. Trump’s campaign are to stain his presidency as well.

Coward. That is perhaps the best word to describe Donald John Trump.  His acts of shutting down our borders to refugees is just one of his cowardly act that defies the traditional function of a nation founded by refugees who fled from the tyranny of other hostile ports of the world.

Trump’s proposed wall on the border with Mexico is another act of a coward, the madman who claimed “American carnage” in his inaugural speech of doom and gloom as rationale for his rant-filled swarm of “executive orders.”

The actions of our new President are “American carnage” perpetrated by a man that even those who work for him privately admit is a “clueless child.”

As the Times properly notes, it is ludicrous this sounds coming from a new President who bragged about “sexually assaulting women and a vice president who has supported policies that discriminate against gay people.”

Trump’s executive order stopping refugees claims it seeks to spare America from those who commit acts of violence women or “those who persecute people on the basis of race, gender or sexual orientation.”

Perhaps the executive order should first deport Donald John Trump and Mike Pence.

That would be a first step to “drain the swamp,” something Trump promised to do.

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2 thoughts on “Our President is a dangerous coward”

  1. I find it amazing that you should receive threats and hate rants from the very people who claim to love this country most. Apparently they don’t understand or appreciate that our country was founded on individual freedoms, including the right to hold our own individual beliefs and express them freely. When one is threatened or punished for expressing their beliefs, that freedom is lost., taken by little tyrants cowardly hiding behind a veil of anonymity.

    I don’t always agree with your opinions and positions, but I welcome hearing another point of view sincerely expressed. Such exchanges broaden my perspective and deepen my knowledge. Those who try to shut it down just don’t get how un-American they are behaving. Perhaps they should do more reading on the history of our great nation and the sacrifices made by brave people to establish and defend our individual freedoms.

    I applaud your courage to carry on in the face of ignorant threats.

  2. Your logic of calling him a coward puzzles me. Surely someone who is willing to take an unpopular stance and stand by it is not a coward. When it come to this I wish he were – then he may have backed off and not chosen this path.

    I did not vote for him, but I wouldn’t call him a coward.

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