This is winter?

Clouds and sun in this photo shot a few years ago on Harvestwood Road in Floyd County.

According to the Roanoke/Blacksburg office of the National Weather Service, Monday’s forecast is sunny with high temperature of 59 in this second week of February.

Tuesday is expected to be warmer, with the thermometer rising into the 60s on Tuesday and then a high of 58 or so on Wednesday before Thursday drops into the high 30s and a low of 18.

That’s just a brief venture into the cold, though, because Friday is expected to be partly cloudy and warmer Friday and then Saturday goes back into the upper 50s and Sunday’s outlook is back into the 60s.

Lows will flirt with the low 30s in the extended outlook through Feb. 20 is 40s and 50s with no sub-freezing temperatures overnight.

Outlook for rain is minimal with chances of precipitation only as high as 20 percent until Thursday, Feb. 16 and then again on Feb. 20.

Of course, as with all weather forecasts, things can and often do change but, for right now, the bulk of February looks reasonable in what has already been a warmer than normal winter here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spring fever may arrive early in 2017.

Setting sun and vapor trails at Rocky Knob overlook on The Blue Ridge Parkway
(iPhone photo using the Hipstamtic App)

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