032105water2.jpgFollowing a creek or a stream to its source can be an adventure. I’ve wondered where the stream that flows through the front yard of our home begins. It feeds not only our yard but also a pond for our nearest neighbors.

An early morning hike into the woods and hills revealed three springs feeding the stream and the emerging light provided, as usual, outstanding photographic opportunities.

I’ve appreciated the many emails commenting on the photography on Blue Ridge Muse. A recurring question also asks: “How are you able to get so many nice images?”

It reminds me of the old Henny Youngman routine about the tourist in New York asking a local “How do I get to Carnigie Hall?” The New Yorker replied: “Practice, man, practice.”

I shoot, on average, 200 images a day. From my early morning walks to the end of the day, I’m contantly photographing the world around me. Been doing it that way for more than 40 years and hope to be doing it for another 40. The law of averages says one or two of them has to turn out.

Someone once asked photographer Jay Maisel how one becomes a photographer.

“Buy a camera,” he replied. “You can’t take pictures without a camera.”

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