Yes, we’re still frozen, but…

Ice coated trees remain, especially in the Check, Copper Hill area.

We’re just three days away from the calendar end of winter and the last three days have felt more like the frigid season than at any other time of a warmer than the normal cold season.

The temperature outside sits at 20 outside our house and the wind chill puts it at seven degrees — cold but still warmer than the minus zero “feels like” 24 hours earlier.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is sun in the air, slowly decreasing wind, and warming temperature over the next few days.

Highs on Friday are expected to be in the high 40s with less wind, then 54 Saturday with a little morning rain, 47 on Sunday and 62 on Monday with sun and only a 10 percent chance of moisture.

Next week’s forecast calls for temps in the high 40s with 50s on Tuesday, along with rain, then sunny on Wednesday, cloudy on Thursday and a rainy weekend for March 24-25.

That is what the first week of Spring is supposed to bring, assuming the forecasts remain where they are now.

March came in like a lamb after the incredibly warm month of February.  Will it go out like a lion?

The long-range forecast says March 30 will bring showers with a high around 62 degrees.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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