Better check your AEP electric bill

Do you receive your Appalachian Power bill electronically and pay it automatically each month with auto-pay withdrawal?

If so, double-check yours to make sure a “billing software glitch” in the February and March bills did not hit you with a late payment fee that was not your fault.

Columnist Dan Casey of The Roanoke Times reported this morning that more than 8,000 AEP customers got hit with late fees they did not owe.

Depending on your bill, it can be less than a buck or $5 or more.  Casey reports one area man got a ‘termination notice” from AEP, even though he is on the auto-pay plan.

Seems AEP’s “software glitch” decided to not deduct the payments for some 8,000 plus customers in February and kicked the balance over to March with a “late fee.”

Some customers got an email from AEP about the problem.  Others did not.  Requests for a refund got many callers into the loop of transfers to other departments and less than friendly customer service.

If you get your bill electronically and pay “automatically,” check those bills and make sure you weren’t one of the thousands who got hit with a late fee you did not owe.

If you did, then good luck getting a refund.

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