April flirtations with Spring

The sun rises.
The sun rises on a Spring day.

In yet another “let’s see if the forecast is right,” outlook, the National Weather Service office in Blacksburg says the temperature should hit 70  or 71 degrees Tuesday afternoon with sunny weather after Monday’s thunderstorms gave us much-needed rain.

Enjoy the warm, because the highs are expected to dip to 54 by Thursday and 44 on Friday before climbing back into the 50s on Saturday, upper 60s on Sunday and 70s again next week.

The overnight low is expected to flirt with freezing Thursday evening and Friday morning but that could be the coolest we should expect as Spring appears to be taking hold for the month of April

Let’s hope the NWS is accurate.  Even with Doppler radar, weather forecasting is still more guesswork than science and we are often surprised when the expectations are not what the “meteorologists” claim will happen.

With two of our three cars down for what could be major repairs right now, Amy and I may need to turn to our motorcycles for daily transportation and errands more often.

Life on motorcycles and Spring weather? Now that’s a possibility we can live with.

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