Public requests for a prom date

A very public request (and acceptance) to the prom during a soccer match.

It is an understatement to say that high school students do things a little different these days.

When I asked my date as a senior at Floyd County High School to go with me to the prom in 1965, it was in the privacy of the back seat of my ’57 Ford at the Autodrome Drive-In movie theater on a Saturday night near Radford.

Now we spring forward to 2017 and at least three prom dates were requested and accepted in a very public setting between the boys and girls soccer match against Auburn this past week at FCHS.

Of course, there are always dangers in public proposals.  Just ask the young man who proposed to the woman he thought would become his wife before millions of viewers on the “Today” Show on NBC-TV a few years back.

She said “no.”

And her answer? “Yes.”
And the third prom proposal was a charm.

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