Public hearing on county budget

Floyd County Supervisors.

Floyd County residents have a chance to comment Tuesday night on the fiscal 2018 budget of $37.6 million needed to run government operations — including $22.974 million to operate public schools.

The board of supervisors’ public hearing on the budget, which is an increase of $3.6 million over the current fiscal year, goes before a public hearing at 7 p.m. at the County Administration Building on Oxford Street in Floyd.

The new budget does not bring with it an increase of county real estate or personal property taxes but a referendum to allow the board to impose a “meals sales tax” like the one imposed by the town of Floyd, is set for a voter referendum in the state and local elections in November.

The sales tax, if approved by voters, could being approximately $266,000 in additional revenue into the county in coming years.  To balance the fiscal 2018 budget, which kicks in on July 1, the county expects to transfer $100,628 from the budget stabilization fund.

Among the additions to the budget is an increase of $256,206 to Emergency Medical Services, which brings the EMS allocation to $959,909 as rescue operations in the county, long handled by volunteers, continues its transition to a paid operation.

The county’s Economic Development Authority absorbs the largest part of the increase, going from a current budget of $67,000 to a projected cost of $2,570,600 – an increase of $2.5 million.

The county’s E-911 funding also increased by more than $200,000, going up from $333,381 to $546,008, offset in part by a projected increase in revenue from the E911 fund.

Increases to the general properties/operations/debt service area add $238,043, raising it to $892,848 from $654,805. Much of the increase involves leasing vehicles instead of purchasing them and financing other purchases instead of a single cash payment.

A full story on the hearing in Thursday’s Floyd Press.

Public hearing before the Supervisors earlier this year.

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