Independence Day

Tuesday, July 4, is Independence Day. That, alone, is reason enough to celebrate.

Today, Monday, July 3, is an additional holiday for some local, state government workers and others — creating a four-day weekend for the Fourth of July.

Two years ago, I put the video above together to try and capture the many scenes and icons of America’s birthday.  It is a birthday celebrated in many ways and also ignored by others.  It is a birthday that I, as an American, believe should be enjoyed and celebrated by those who love this country.

I celebrate the Fourth of July because I am an American.

I am not a Conservative or a Liberal.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican.

I am an American.

There is a difference.

That, alone, is reason enough to celebrate.

(Photos and videos in the video are mine and collected over more than 50 years of photography and filming.)

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