Yep, we’re making some changes

Readers may have realized two things:  First, the appearance of Blue Ridge Muse has changed a bit and, second, I was late posting anything new on the Wednesday, August 16.

The changes in appearance came about because a design software I subscribed to in 2009 provided a comfortable way to update the look and feel of Muse. It was a theme that allowed a lot of latitude in placing news and photos on the home page and produced what I hoped was a decent looking place for readers to visit, read, watch videos and view photos.

Unfortunately, the company that created the package is either out of business or soon will be shutting down.  They haven’t updated the blog on their website since September of 2016 and updates have been non-existent for a while.  News items say they are hiding out from creditors.

Their automatic billing system appears is working and I got a notice of renewal due in a few days but when i tried to contact them to ask where they have been and what I might expect about the future of the program, no answer came and now I doubt one ever will.

So, as part of the move of Muse to a new web server, I am switching design themes and hoping I can learn it fast enough to keep the site looking at least close to something different.

To make matters worse, the Tuesday hearings before Floyd County Circuit Court took most of the day and I spent this morning writing a short story for The Floyd Press website and then two stories for the print edition of Thursday’s paper. Wednesday is also one of the three days of week reserved for physical therapy at Professional Rehab at their offices near New River Valley Carilion Clinic near Radford so I am now only time to work on an informative article and deal with the design challenges of the new site location.

I’ve switched over to Divi Builder, a page and site design tool from Elegant Themes on Muse’s new place with WP Engine’s WordPress managed service, a necessary move as I work to shut down my web hosting business and move my sites to new hosts.

Please excuse the changed look and know that I am working to get it up to speed as quickly as possible.

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