Say goodbye to Chevron and Texaco

Chevron and Texaco service stations in Southwestern Virginia began to disappear over the weekend as some locations closed and other changed to other brands of gas under the company’s decision to cease retail fuel operations in the Middle Atlantic, South and other parts of the country.

I filled up at a Chevron station on U.S. 11 just across the New River Bridge in Radford on Friday. On Sunday, it was selling Pure gasoline.  Another Chevron station on U.S. 460 and Rte. 11 in Roanoke County shut down it’s gas pumps but kept the convenience store open.

Chevron, which has also owned Texaco since 2001, announced late last year it was curtailing operations in our part of the country. Most stations will be closed by Thursday — July 1.

The Chevron credit card in my wallet notes I have been a cardholder since 1967 — the year I acquired a Gulf Credit Card. Back then, Gulf station blanketed the country and you could also use the card at Holiday Inns.  Chevron bought out Gulf’s Southeastern and Middle Atlantic operations several years ago and our Gulf Card became Chevron.

Now the Chevron card will go into the desk drawer with other relics of the past — AMOCO (bought out by BP), Sinclair (still operating but no stations in the South), CONOCO (no stations in Virginia) and other remnants from the past.

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3 thoughts on “Say goodbye to Chevron and Texaco”

  1. I noticed this over the weekend too. I live near the one in Fairlawn you mentioned and was surprised to see the switch from Chevron to Pure, and I also saw that the Texaco in Buchanon off I-81 had its signs down and thought it was odd. Now I know why.

  2. They’re bringing back Pure gasoline? Maybe the station owners are NASCAR old-timers.

    Don’t be surprised if you see Gulf stations in Virginia again. Chevron sold the trademark earlier this year and the new owners plan to expand Gulf into the Southeast.

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