Big problems at DMV

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Virginia’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is broke, to the tune of $16.4 million, and says it will take $1.1 million to fix and repair the State Police’s email network.

Which, of course, means those of us who own vehicles in the Old Dominion, will most likely need to dig deeper into our own pockets for the fees needed to license those vehicles.

Estimates say DMV’s debts could total $66.5 million over the next five years even after Gov. Terry McAuliffe approved a $1 fee increase earlier this year on information items the agency provides.

DMV commissioner Richard Holcomb says: “We collect billions of collars for the commonwealth, but we don’t have sufficient funds to operate.”

So he offers three fixes to the problem:

Double the license the vehicle title fee from $10 to $20, which he says will provide $26.1 million a year;

Increase the driver’s license fee by $1.25 a year over the next eight years (a $10 overall increase);

Let DMV keep $4 of the $40.75 fee goes to the Virginia Department of Transportation, emergency medical services and state police.

The State Police email problems include a malware attack, which resulted in a $1.1 million bill to the state from information technologies contractor Northrop Grumman Corp.  Secretary of Public Safety Brian J. Moran says security scans of 183 computer workstations is underway but cyber security firm Mandiant of Alexandria recommends rebuilding the state police’s entire information technology operation.

“It will be significant,” Moran tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch.



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