The last week of September 2017

Yes, the leaves are starting to turn as September wnds down and October is just around the corner.
Yes, the leaves are starting to turn in some higher elevations as September winds down and October is just around the corner.

A beautiful weekend graced us as we start the final week of September.

This last week brings a court docket Tuesday that could last all day unless we have a lot of plea deals and continuances.

Yes, crime is up on Floyd County — and just about everywhere else.

The manufacture and use of highly-addictive crystal methamphetamine remains an epidemic.  The county’s drug court is busy and not all who participate get any better when it comes to dealing with the chemicals or avoid crime.  A sentencing Tuesday of one who failed the program illustrates that.

Perhaps, when we have a President who ignores the law and shows an utter disregard for procedure and common decency, we should expect to see the courts overrun with troublemakers.  Call it a sign of the times.

Tuesday also brings the second meeting of the month of the county board of supervisors, which kicks off at 7 p.m. in the administrative offices on Oxford Street at 7 p.m.

Thankfully, news appears to be better elsewhere.  High school sports abounds with golf entering the regional tournament this week, varsity volleyball trying to break out of a slump and the varsity Buffaloes football team hoping to rebound from its first loss of the season against Radford with a trip to Hillsville this Friday night to battle Carroll County.

When October arrives this Sunday, it brings the county’s popular Arts and Craft Festival at the high school on Saturday and Sunday.

Already seeing some fall colors in higher elevations as the full Fall color time approaches.

Music on the streets and in the venues Friday night with the Jamboree, a show at Dogtown and more on the schedule for the weekend.

Finished up a CD of photos from last week’s volleyball and football games to deliver to The Floyd Press and have a shoot later this afternoon on a video project.

Lots to do and not always a lot of time to get it done.

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