Damp cloudiness before sun returns

Sunlight breaking through the clouds.
Sunlight breaking through the clouds.

Mother Nature gets down and cool Monday with lows near freezing Monday night after a cool day in the mid 50s but forecasts predict highs back into the 70s by week’s ends with lows in the 40s.

A touch of fall? Perhaps but the touch of light rain that fell in the wee hours of Monday morning is forecast to turn sunny by midday and then through most of the week.  A tease of fall but not much more.

The overnight low of 33 Monday night is as close as temperatures should get to freezing for the rest of October and rain is forecast to hit a couple of times, at most, over the next two weeks.

Call it global warming or just call it unpredictable weather.  It is both and more in a world where climate change is both normal and expected.

And so it goes.

Area radar at 6:30 a.m. Monday.

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